Actors/Co-writers Jay Myers and Jessica Vera at Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst 

Women in combat inspire performance in ‘Bullet Catchers’

This July will see the world premiere of a new play called Bullet Catchers, a term for those serving in the infantry, which looks at the issue of women serving in combat roles.

-Robert Cain, Lima Charlie News 

Play’s Vision of Integrated Infantry Casts Women Who Saw Combat

It was less than two years ago — December 2015 — that the last barriers barring women from certain combat positions finally fell. Now, the new play “Bullet Catchers” envisions a not-so-distant future where women and men officially serve together in the same infantry unit.

- Dusica Sue Malesevic, Chelsea Now

The best Off-Off Broadway shows in NYC

The Women in Combat Theatre Project imagines the first mixed-gender U.S. Army infantry unit in a play conceived by Maggie Moore and Julia Sears and written collaboratively by the company, which includes several military veterans. Sears directs the world premiere.

 - Adam Feldman, Time Out New York

Taking Ship: Interview with Maggie Moore

Crisis Comms expert, Elie Jacobs is joined by co-creator Maggie  Moore and together they cry havoc!

We Cry Havoc --Women in the Theatre of War

"This debate has urgently motivated us to portray women's official inclusion into combat on the stage. We don't see this simply as a political issue."

-Julia Sears, Co-creator of  Bullet Catchers

Fierce as F**k: Maggie Moore

"The way that a lot of news articles were talking about women in combat were really cut and dry. That does female service members a great disservice" 

Maggie Moore, Co-creator of Bullet Catchers

Being There at the Birth

"I have always loved the simple cyc, the white curtain at the back of the stage...I have never seen it used like this --in this moment it explodes!" 

- Judith Jerome, Stories from the Stonington Opera House


"Co-writers Julia Sears and Maggie Moore will be researching the stories of Maine women who have served in the armed forces."

- Charles Eichacker, The Ellsworth American